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Forthright Arts , formerly known as Jestaminute Community Theatre, have developed a positive reputation for creating informative, thought-provoking plays, many of which address hard-hitting social issues. Our mission is to use drama as a tool to engage people, increase their self-esteem, raise awareness of the challenges faced by some communities and create social cohesion through performance based and participatory arts projects.

EPIC Awards 2020

England Runners Up!

The Epic Awards provide voluntary arts associations with an opportunity
to be recognised for the incredible group and project work across the UK and ROI every year.

We were incredibly proud to be chosen as Runners-up in the Awards this year for our original community pantomime show (‘The Needlewitch is Coming’), in collaboration with Redditch East Aspiring Communities CIC (REACH).

"A powerfully written and wonderfully performed piece of theatre that communicates many of the realities of living with depression. The careful way humour and pathos were used to help illustrate the daily struggles helped shape a character and performance that was both believable and also very much relatable."

"This was a well written and clearly  well researched  play with many layers and different aspects of mental health  covered,  some in a subtle way and some more confrontational.  Credit must be given to the actor and writer who evidently put a part of themselves into this performance which showed in both the script and acting"

More information about next performance coming soon...

The Gary & Robert Blues

Premiere on International  Men’s Day 19th November  very successful. Comments included: POWERFUL! IMPACTFUL! 

This audio edition, is a reimagined version of our highly successful one-man stage show which toured the West Midlands and appeared at the Brighton Theatre Festival in 2016.

Funded by Arts Council England and others, it was recorded and edited during the Covid – 19 lockdown. This version of the play is an experiment in trying out a new form of theatre, an audio play supported and enhanced with images on a screen.

This premiere was  streamed on International Men’s Day and during the month of Movember 

Come and join in with our experiment …

More information about next performance coming soon ...

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