Advice Cafe


Resources for use by voluntary and statutory organisations to help people though difficult issues eg domestic abuse, debt /money management and employability following/during COVID.

We are working in partnership with Redditch East Aspiring Communities Hub cic ( REACH)  to pilot development of resources for use online  – our first topic will be employability following/during COVID. We will be filming  the stories and writing a complementary teaching pack.

This work is based on successful ‘live’ events which we have called Advice Cafes.  We have created an event for the client to raise awareness about an issue important to their community. We talk in confidence with people in the local community who have experienced the issue, eg Domestic Abuse (DG). We then created three characters with their own stories concerning different aspects of DG.

We work in partnership with the local client to create a ‘café’ at a venue that is familiar to people in their community. They are invited along by people they trust to share a drink and cake as the actors share their stories with the ‘customers’ in a variety of ways. Either one to one, or in small groups. The ‘audience’ can react in different ways. Some just listen, others will interrupt and ask the character questions, some are inspired and moved to share their own story. Our actors are skilled in responding to how each person or group wishes to interact.

People will often recognise their own experience or of those that are close to them. There are representatives present from charities and councils who can give advice and support to those who need it. The combination of hearing relevant stories in a place that is familiar has been highly effective at prompting some people to seek advice and help.

We have been commissioned by REACH to film the first three stories as a pilot to test if online delivery will be as effective. The first three films look at the employment  problems caused by covid 19 and how people can get back into work.