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Andy, Jan, Jo and the team, from Forthright Arts, work empathically with their partners and the community to gain a full understanding of their needs. Enabling them to create bespoke, original and thought-provoking theatre that connects with its audience through the humanising stories of challenging contemporary social and ethical issues
Huw Moseley
Development Officer Bromsgrove District and Redditch Borough Council
The arts is a very powerful tool capable of stimulating stronger relationships between all generations. The arts is in my view the most compelling communication tool giving a voice to those who thought they had nothing to say.
Jonathan Cochrane
Arts and Events Manager, Bromsgrove District and Redditch Borough Council
“Spending time with friends via zoom and interaction with people she hasn’t seen for months and some routine following lockdown”
“More confidence in acting alone and towards a camera rather than an audience. She also enjoyed writing her own material to perform”
“Learnt new acting skills for screen, a sense of achievement by having a finished project to work towards.”
Parents Comments
Parents of children who completed online drama workshops for young people
The experience our pupils gained from your activities gave their learning a real purpose.... The lesson creating the questions was well paced and the pupils enjoyed creating the questions for the visitors to answer. The fact that their work was actually having a real purpose brought about great excitement.
Woodfield Academy
Participating School
“The interviews with the participants were clearly the most beneficial section of the sessions for the year 9 students. This helped them to gain confidence in their interviewing abilities and fire their interest in local history. All students gave positive feedback about these sessions.”.
Trinity High School
Participating School