Education Work

Our work in learning has spanned the age range from nursery to adult education. We have tackled issues from bullying, healthy eating, to the introduction of Universal Credit. Each individual project has two things in common; firstly, we work with our clients, partners and communities to create the right project to meet their needs and deliver the needed learning outcomes. Secondly, we listen to the voice of the participants whether it be children or adults and/or the communities with whom we are working. We then try to enable the participants to express their opinions and feelings and to find answers that work for them.


Funded by the Wellcome trust and saw us work with Woodfield Middle school as it then was. 

Supersizeme Science was an action research project funded by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award to Andy Higgitt, writer and theatre practitioner and artistic director of Jestaminute Theatre Company. It brought  together the theatre company, scientist  Dr Suzanne Higgs from the University of Birmingham,  and 30 year 8 pupils and a science teacher at  Woodfield Middle School, Redditch   to create a new piece of theatre which  explored the scientific basis of obesity. Following a presentation of the scientific facts by Dr Higgs, the pupils then took part in an intensive week of drama activity led by Andy, using ‘image’ and ‘newspaper’ theatre as tools to draw out pupils perceptions and to act as inspiration to devise the drama. 

The resulting performance took the premise of a child falling asleep in front of the television and seeing, in his dreamlike state, excerpts from television programmes and his own thoughts reflecting scientific facts, myths and his need for a family that would support his efforts to be healthier.

Parachute Pants

A brand new play ‘Parachute Pants’, which shared the war-time reminiscences , was performed the Palace Theatre.  

The play was well received by the audience, including the interviewees who were invited to attend.

“It was a very enjoyable afternoon. The elderly residents had a great time and it also taught the students what it was to live in war time.   It was a truly great way to bring the different age groups together for an afternoon of laughter and education.”  Mayor – Cllr Anita Clayton.

Engineering the Past

The project focused on the oral history of the industrial heritage of Redditch 1939-1964. This period was immediately before a major change to the town’s industry when in 1964 it was designated as a New Town. The year 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of this significant event, the project was programmed to dovetail with events in the community to celebrate this milestone and hence maximise opportunities for sharing the findings.

“The training workshops worked well and the project retained volunteers who attended and who went onto interview local people to record their memories of working in various industries.” Archive & Archeology Service, WCC

Redditch - the Start of Something Big

Redditch 1964 – the Start of Something Big’ was an oral history project which focused on the heritage of Redditch as it became a new town between 1964 and 1989.The overarching aim was to engage people in their local heritage; collecting, preserving, interpreting and sharing local heritage through the capturing of memories through inter-generational recordings and showcasing these in community hubs, local schools and through community events.

“Jestaminute have delivered the project professionally throughout despite at times unexpected personal and professional challenges. The experience and knowledge of the previous HLF project has allowed Jestaminute to deliver this project with greater ambition, confidence and vision. I have been particularly impressed by their professional delivery of the project and their resolve at managing challenges along the way. The school and Palace Theatre events were both excellent, with many favourable comments from those attending.”
Redditch Borough Council Steering Group Representative